Commonwealth records are gathered from the best lifts from registered member nations of the CPF. The initial records are devised from the lifts achieved at the first Commonwealth Championships in 2005. However, minimum standards were set and these take place of the record where they have not been surpassed by a lifter. Commonwealth records can be set outside of the Commonwealth Championships, but must:

   - take place only at other recognized International Championships,
   - be judged by three IPF Cat 1 or Cat 2 referees
   - the event must have had WADA testing take place at the event.

The CPF Record Keeper, John Myers, must be notified of the record lift within a 14 day period following the lift event.

Commonwealth Bench Press Only Standards have recently been developed with the requirement that they be set higher than the existing Commonwealth Bench Press record in that class in a full competition.   

Men's Equipped Powerlifting Records (Updated November 27, 2017)

Women's Equipped Powerlifting Records (Updated November 27, 2017)

Men's Raw Powerlifting Records (Updated December 20, 2017)

Women's Raw Powerlifting Records (Updated December 20, 2017)

Equipped Bench Press Records (Updated December 20, 2017)

Raw Bench Press Records (Updated Dcember 20, 2017)

Frozen Records

At the end of 2010, the IPF changed the weight class categories and the CPF's records were frozen as a result. The records below represent what was achieved between 2005-2010.

Mens Records (2005-2010)

Womens Records (2005-2010)

Bench Press Records (2005-2010)

Please lodge all record applications, queries and questions to the current Record Keeper, John Myers.

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