PETER FIORE, 1940 - 2014

On March 20 2014 we lost a great man, CPF founder Peter Fiore. This page has been put together as a permanant tribute to Peter, so that in some small way his spirit, his humour, his zest for life and for powerlifting will live on.

I did not know Peter Fiore for as long or as well as as I would have liked, but one person who did know him for many years was Richard Parker, CPF General Secretary, below is Richard's tribute to Peter.

Mike Armstrong, CPF Acting President/Webmaster

Peter Fiore, then working in Zambia, attended the first, albeit unofficial, 1972 IPF World Championships in the USA. He was elected a Vice President of the IPF so was there at the very beginning of modern powerlifting. At the time he was lifting for Africa, but soon after moved to Great Britain and represented them internationally many times.  

He was runner up at 75kg in the 1977 World Championships, but in 1978 went one better to take the World title with a 732.5kg total. At this time he was also the World record holder for the squat. Peter remained active in powerlifting and was the Director of Powerlifting within the British Weightlifters' Association from 2003 to 2006. During this time he established a strong powerlifting administration, which sowed the seeds of the Great Britain Powerlifting Federation.

In 2005 Peter instigated what was to become a very successful new powerlifting organisation, namely the Commonwealth Powerlifting Federation (CPF). A well attended inaugural championships was held in Wansbeck, England firmly establishing the CPF on the World powerlifting stage. As President of the CPF, Peter has attended every championship, including the last one in Auckland, New Zealand and has been very active in encouraging smaller Commonwealth countries to participate. He also had the vision to introduce what is now known as Classic (unequipped) lifting. Classic lifting has attracted large numbers of athletes as a discipline most easily taken up by the average gym user.

Peter continued lifting as a master and was 2003 world Champion at 90kg and most recently M4 83kg World champion in 2013 setting several World records. His interest in powerlifting extended to developing and coaching many lifters from novice to international level. Most recently his efforts were concentrated in Sydney where he had moved a few years ago. He was a professional Fitness and Exercise Coach, Strength and Conditioning Coach and an Exercise and Rehabilitation Coach. Last, but not least, Peter was a long standing International Category 1 Referee and officiated regularly at championships.

I knew Peter from his early lifting days and had the pleasure of refereeing him on several occasions, albeit the speed of his squats made judging depth a challenge. Latterly, I worked closely with him from the beginning of the CPF to promote and develop Commonwealth powerlifting. He was rightly very proud of everything he had achieved with the CPF and looking forward to bigger and better things. Most recently I worked with Peter to produce a new coaching course for the GBPF and attended a meeting with him on this in London in early March.

He was a friend, colleague and very genuine. Rest in peace Peter, you will be greatly missed.

Richard Parker

Richard and Peter, at the 2013 Commonwealth
Championships in Auckland, New Zealand.

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