CPF Executive Members

Richard Parker, President
44 Roberts Road, Prestbury, Cheltenham, Glos, GL52 5DJ, United Kingdom
Phone: INT 44 1242 521524, Mobile: INT 44 7929 201823        Email: richard.h.parker@tinyworld.co.uk
- IPF Category 1 Referee since 1985.
- Member of the IPF Disciplinary Committee.
- General Secretary Great Britain Powerlifting Federation
- Chairman English Powerlifting Association.
- Active on the British Powerlifting scene since 1975.
- Semi-retired and now works as a Business Development Consultant in the defence industry.
- Travels extensively both on business and for pleasure.
- Married for 35 years with two children and two grandchildren
- Lifts weight regularly, but no longer competes.
- An active masters swimmer.

Mike Armstrong, Vice President, Webmaster
4709 Fordham Cr.SE, Calgary, AB, Canada, T2A 2A5
Phone: INT 1 403 402 4142        Email: mike.armstrong311@gmail.com
- Canadian General Secretary, Webmaster, Record Keeper
- Former Canadian President
- Category 1 referee since 1999
- Lifter since 1985, Gold medal - 2015 Master Bench Worlds, Bronze - 2013 Master
- Former IPF Assistant Secretary and first IPF Webmaster
- Canadian dealer for ER Racks and Texas Power Bars

Bill You, General Secretary
Vancouver BC, Canada
Email: billyou@telus.net
- Canadian Vice President
- director 2015 Commonwealth Championships

Bill You, Record Keeper
Vancouver BC, Canada
Email: billyou@telus.net

Darren Neves, Executive Member

Andre Ludik, Executive Member

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