Welcome to the official website of the IPF affiliated Commonwealth Powerlifting Federation.

Our goal is to develop and promote high-standard and enjoyable drug-free powerlifting competition at the Commonwealth International level.

Final entries are set, no changes can happen now, see the lists here: 2015 Final Entries

CPF Congress
The annual Congress of the CPF nations will take place at the Marriot hotel in Richmond on Sunday, Nov 29, 15 hundred hours. All country representatives are encouraged to attend. The agenda of the meeting can be downloaded fron here.

Due to the greater than expected number of competitors, the meet hotels were running out of space. A nearby hotel has been added, please visit the CPF Facebook page for full information: facebook.com/CommonwealthPowerliftingFederation

The Executive Plaza hotel that has been added recently has set up a booking link:


or email to: ReservationsR@executivehotels.net

That's right, 528 lifters, not including the Reserves, are entered in the 2015 Commonwealth Championships. The preliminary nominations list is here: 2015 Entries. Changes are possible up to the final nominations deadline, 21 days prior.

With the closing date for preliminary nominations not too far away it's time to post a few reminders:

1. The CPF would like to remind all Commonwealth nations that the closing date for Preliminary Nominations for the 2015 Championships is 30th September 2015.

2. Please also be reminded that all nations entering teams must be up to date with their CPF affiliation fees prior to the Final Nomination closing date of 9th November 2015.

3. All CPF Executive positions are up for election and current officers are eligible for re-election if they wish to stand. A person may be nominated for CPF office by any national federation member, provided that he is in good standing in his own national federation. Nominations should be sent to the General Secretary at least 45 days prior to the Congress Sunday 29th November 2015, in order for the agenda to be sent out 30 days before Congress.

4. Any amendments to the Constitution and the By Laws must be submitted to all national affiliates and the appropriate committee before it can be acted upon at the annual meeting of the CPF. Such proposed amendments must be in the hands of the General Secretary at least sixty (60) days prior to the date of the Congress. A national federation, a regional federation or the appropriate committee, can submit such amendments.

Classic Worlds Records!
The IPF Classic Worlds took place in Salo, Finland over the last 2 weeks, CPF record keeper John Myers tells me we had in excess of 250 new Commonwealth Records set there! Astounding. The updated records are here, and thanks to John for his hard work.

I should also mention that I spoke to a number of lifters and coaches in regards to coming to Canada for the upcoming Championships and received very positive responses from the likes of Brett Gibbs and Jezza Ueppa - Mike

2015 CPF Championships Schedule
The Schedule of Events for the 2015 Championships in Vancouver is now released, get it here: http://commonwealthpowerlifting.com/2015/schedule.pdf

Oceania / Asian Championships 2014 DVD's
If you competed or would like to purchase a DVD of these championships held in Melbourne, Australia in December 2014 they are available for purchase for AUD$35 inside Australia or AUD$40 outside Australia. This is the cost of one session and can be ordered by contacting John Myers at johnandsue21@bigpond.com

2015 CPF Championships Invitation!
Feb 11, 2015 - The official Invitation and Team Nomination forms for the 2015 Commonwealth Championships in Canada are now released. Details on the dates, accommodations, the venue and more can be found in the Invitation file.

Records Updated
The CPF Records are updated, thanks to John Myers.

Dates Confirmed
The dates for the 2015 Commonwealth Championships in Vancouver are confirmed, November 30 to Dec 6, just over one year away! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for announcments about the venue, hotel, and other details.

The CPF is now setup to take Paypal for the annual affiliation fees. Send 50 British pounds to fees@commonwealthpowerlifting.com. Note the fees must be paid for any CPF records to be accepted from international events.

2013 CPF Congress Minutes

CPF Congress 2013 Minutes

A Very Sad Passing
I have just learned that my good friend, and president of the Commonwealth Powerlifting federation, Peter Fiore, has passed away suddenly, due to heart failure.

Peter was a long time supporter and organizer within Powerlifting, a lifter for his whole life, and the founder of the CPF. Anyone that met him would like him, I always found him warm, friendly, and a pleasure to know. His dedication to the sport and the CPF in particular will not be forgotten.

Mike Armstrong, CPF Vice-president.
March 20, 2014

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