Welcome to the official website of the IPF affiliated Commonwealth Powerlifting Federation.

Our goal is to develop and promote high-standard and enjoyable drug-free powerlifting competition at the Commonwealth International level.

CPF Records
With the departure of Powerlifting Australia from the IPF, long-time CPF record keeper John Meyer has opted to stay with PA, and has resigned his position with the CPF. General Secretary Bill You of Canada has assumed the role.

Bill is currently working on updating the records following the IPF Classic Worlds in Calgary, and a few outstanding records from other international meets, they should be updated soon.

Please direct any enquiries to Bill at billyou@telus.net

The CPF is now setup to take Paypal for the annual affiliation fees. Send 50 British pounds to fees@commonwealthpowerlifting.com. Note the fees must be paid for any CPF records to be accepted from international events.

The CPF site is maintained by: Mike Armstrong